Enzymatic Cleaner for Medical Instruments and Endoscopes
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Actoclean® Perfect, is a concentrated cleaner in liquid form that contains enzymes. With four different enzymes contained in it, it cleans organic pollution on instruments quickly and effectively. Contains corrosion inhibitors, prevents the formation of corrosion. Due to its neutral pH value, it can be used safely in all kinds of materials. Phosphate-free. Suitable for use in different water hardness grades.

Actoclean® Perfect is suitable for use manually or with ultrasonic washing machines for the cleaning of surgical instruments made of stainless steel, including MIC instruments, the dental instruments, endoscopes, anesthesia materials, heat-resistant and non-heat-resistant materials.

Chemical composition​

100 g contains: Enzyme (Amylase, lipase, protease, cellulase), 0.8 g Benzalkonium chloride, nonionic surfactant, corrosion inhibitors and auxiliary substances.

Concentration of Use

Concentration Ratio Amount of Water Product Quantity
% 0,5 1000 ml 5 ml
% 1 1000 ml 10 ml

Method of Use:​

Use a dosing pump to prepare the solution. Fill the bath with water (30 – 35°C). The recommended concentration of use  and contact time are between 0.5% and 1%, depending on the degree of contamination, for a maximum of 5 minutes.


Add Actoclean® Perfect to the bath in the appropriate ratio, mix the product. Make sure that all instruments and ducts come into contact with the solution during application. Keep the lid of the bath closed. Wait for the contact time. Remove all instruments from the solution and rinse with water of at least drinking quality, and dry them. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process and brush the instruments with a suitable brush. The solution is suitable for routine use and should be replaced immediately in case of visible dirtiness.


You can use either Acto® Oil Spray SF or Actoton® M for maintenance of the instrument


Unit Pieces in Box Article-No.
1 L 14 01.1016.1
5 L 4 01.1016.5