For more over 30 years ACTO has been providing the service of packaging chemical powders and liquids and dispatching Germany wide and anywhere in the world.

By preserving our harmony with the evolutions taking place in this industry, we are engrossed in rendering to our customers’ highly eminent Packaging Services. Broadly applauded in the market owing to their cost effective rates, timeliness and flexibility, these services are immensely cherished. To add, our clients can get these services from us at affordable rates.

Packaging and Repackaging Solutions

Your exacting standards don’t end with the mixing, blending or manufacturing of your product. ACTO knows that proper packaging is a crucial part of the job.

We can efficiently package both liquid and powdered products in virtually any size, from just a few ounces to rail cars. Select from a wide range of standard configurations or allow us to use your proprietary packaging and take advantage of our flexibility and capability.


ACTO has eight bottling lines which can efficiently fill 8 ounce to 2.5 gallon bottles. We are experienced in filling a wide range of configurations including rounds, flat panel, trigger sprayers, goose-neck, laundry, and measure-pour bottles. Quick changeover methods allow us to produce in economical lot sizes.

Need larger sizes? We efficiently package in pails, jerricans, drums, totes, bulk tankers, and rail cars.


ACTO has some of the most extensive powder packaging and repackaging capabilities in the industry. We handle form-fill-seal pouches ranging from 1 to 15 pounds, bottles in many sizes and configurations, bags, boxes, drums and super-sacks.