Alkaline Cleaning Solution for Washer Disinfectors
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Actoton® A  is an alkaline cleaner for cleaning medical devices with washer-disinfectors. Can be safely used in washerdisinfectors capable of thermal  disinfection  at  93°C.  Provides  thorough  and  residue-free  cleaning  Suitable  for  use  in  different water hardness grades. Contains corrosion inhibitors. Can be used safely in any brand of washer-disinfector.

Chemical composition​

Potassium hydroxide, complexing agents, corrosion inhibitors.

Area of Use:

Used for cleaning surgical instruments used in medical fields, MIC instruments, operating room slippers and glass materials used in laboratories with automatic washing machines.

Method of Use:​

Dosage in the washer-disinfectors used in medical field is recommended as 3-5 mL/L depending on the water hardness. To ensure proper dosing, the manufacturer’s recommendations must absolutely be followed. Actoton® SN or Actoton® C is recommended for the neutralization of alkali residues after the use of Actoton® A.


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5 L304.4301.5