Ready-to-Use Rapid Surface Disinfectant


Actosept® AF Citrus, is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices used in medical fields. A fast-acting, ready-to-use and alcohol-based product. Free of aldehyde and phenol. Has a rapid drying quality.


Can be used safely on any alcohol-resistant medical device surface. Also suitable for the disinfection and cleaning of medical device surfaces used in dental area.

Chemical composition

100 g solution contains: 20 g Ethyl alcohol, 10 g 2-Propanol, 0.05 g Didesylmethylpoly (oxyethyl) ammonium-propionate and auxiliary substances.

Microbiological Activity

Microbiological Activity Test Method Concentration Effect Time
Bakterisidal EN 13727 Ready-to-use 1 min.
Fungisidal (C.albicans) EN 13624 Ready-to-use 1 min.
Fungisidal (A. niger) EN 14348 Ready-to-use 5 min.
Virusidal (Vaccina) EN 14476 Ready-to-use 5 min.

Method of Use:

Actosept® AF Citrus is an easy-to-use product. Spray the surface to be disinfected from 30 cm distance and ensure that the surface is completely covered with the product. Wait for the recommended action time. Always complete the disinfection and cleaning process with a clean wipe by wiping in an “S” shape from clean area to  dirty,  from  peripheral to center and from top to bottom


UnitPieces in BoxArticle-No.
500 ml2005.2401.500
1 L1205.2401.1
4500 + 500 ml305.2401.45
5 L405.2401.5