Disinfectant with Peracetic Acid for Hemodialysis Machines
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Actodiacit® PA, is used for highly effective disinfection and decalcification purposes in hemodialysis devices with volumetric system and open system. Performs disinfection at body temperature. It is blood dissolver and descaler. Biodegradable. Suitable for use on all hemodialysis devices.

Chemical composition​

100 g contains: 21 g Citric acid, lactic acid, malic acid and excipients

Microbiological Activity​

Microbiological Activity Test Method Concentration Effect Time
Bakterisidal) EN 13727 EN 14561 1% 10 minute
Fungucidal (C. albicans) EN 14562 1% 10 minute
Tuberculocidal EN 14563 1% 10 minute
Virusidal(Parvovirus) EN 14476 1% 10 minute
Sporicidal EN 13704 3% 10 minute

Method of Use:​

It is diluted 1/33 by reverse osmosis (RO) water It is used by pulling the disinfection pipette of hemodialysis devices automatically.


UnitPieces in BoxArticle-No.
5 L301.8305.5