Rapid Surface Disinfectant for Medical Device

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Actoanid® Spray, is an alcohol-free, ready-to-use medical device disinfectant developed for use on all surfaces, including alcohol-sensitive surfaces. It is easy to use, fast effective and the smell is not disturbing. Free of aldehyde and phenol. Offers different usage preferences with spray and foam nozzle. Used safely on sensitive surfaces such as incubator and ultrasound probe. Certified by the German Society for Microbiology Actoanid® Spray. Dermatologically tested in the German DERMATEST laboratory.

Suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces of alcohol-sensitive medical devices used in hospitals, doctor offices and clinics.

Chemical composition

100 g contains; 0.23 g Poly (Hexamethylene Biguanide) Hydrochloride, 0.28 g Quaternary ammonium compounds, auxiliary substances

Microbiological Activity

Microbiological Activity Test Method Concentration Effect Time
Bakterisidal EN 13727 / EN 1276 Ready-to-use 1 minute
Fungisidal (C.albicans, A.niger) EN 13624 Ready-to-use 1 minute
Virusidal (Adeno, Polio, MNV) EN 14476 Ready-to-use 1 minute

Method of Use:

Spray from 30 cm distance, until it covers the entire surface of the medical devices. Wait for the recommended exposure time. Always complete the disinfection and cleaning process with a clean wipe by wiping in an “S” shape from clean area to dirty, from peripheral to center and from top to bottom.


Unit Pieces in Box Article-No.
750 ml 15 05.1230.750
1 L 12 05.1230.1
4500 ml + 500 ml 3 05.1230.45
5 L 4 05.1230.5