Production / R&D

With the specially selected machines and processes used within ACTO GmbH , our customers are offered fast and flexible production options and the implementation and continuation of quality processes for production are ensured.


Clean and environmentally friendly production understanding in Chemistry

ACTO GmbH believes that increasing the level of economic growth and welfare can only be achieved by respecting the right to life of nature and all living things on earth. For this reason, it attaches importance to energy saving in its production, prefers non-toxic raw materials instead of toxic ones, adopts a clean and environmentally friendly production approach and prioritizes worker health and safety. It has adopted the sustainability approach as its main idea and has adopted the principle of being a part of the solution in line with this idea.

Leader in innovation and research!

As ACTO GmbH, in addition to developing new products that strengthen our position in our main field of activity, it is also very important to improve our existing product family and production steps. Our research activities are closely related to the requirements of our products in the market, the wishes of our customers and technological improvements that will open up new opportunities in the future. Especially our projects that require creativity are supported by our own research and development activities, a cooperation network formed by leading universities and partner companies. We aim to transform new ideas into successful products by pooling the experience in this way. These activities are supported by the systematic development of employees in the company’s R&D department. 

Acto AR-GE aims to provide a one-stop service to its national and international partners with which it cooperates. For this purpose,  it continues its activities actively to develop new products in the chemical industry, to reduce costs by optimizing the processes used, to increase efficiency and to provide permanent solutions with an environmentally friendly understanding.